Training and Facilitation

Workshop and Public Speaking Categories

I. Working with Trauma & Oppositional Defiant Behaviors

II. How to Effectively Engage Dis-empowered Teenagers in Programming

III. Inspiring & Training Case Managers To Increase Their Quality of Service

IV. Customized Workshops Are Always Offered

Agency Menu

• Workshop Days: Consists of 1-6 hour days that are customized for your agency, business, school district, child welfare district, and/or organization. This service is delivered to jump-start or refresh your teams energy towards common goals and in pursuit of victory over workplace challenges.

• Professional Supervision: Capacity, Capacity, Capacity. Ever wonder what is plaguing your current workforce? Or what is getting in your own way as a Manager? You can’t be everyplace at once, and when profit margins, budgets, customers, participants, grants, program build outs, and your boards need tending to, Directors can sometimes leave the most critical component for last: THE PEOPLE. Instead of turning your limited capacity over in your head day in and day out, lets do something about this together! A team functions most effectively when individualized attention is provided and that is what we are here for!

• Program Build-Outs: Whether you have a program that has been running for 30+ years and want a renewed offering to be put in place, or your company is in their first quarter and needs things built that will last 30+ years, we are here to hire for program build outs and development to cover the whole spectrum of tasks and timelines on your behalf.

• Service Design & Implementation: Innovative infrastructure strategies and systems to make your service fully operational!